** SOLD ** 
Classic Moth Sailing class boat. Meets all 4 Classic Moth criteria: 1. 11 foot long. 2. 5 foot wide 3. Min. 75 lbs 4. 72 Sq Ft sail area. Comes with Sails, batons, rigging, mast, boom, and is complete. The custom stand pictured(pic with my son in it) is INCLUDED. This is a clean slate to rig for you racing style and is brand new, handmade by the Beaufort, NC Boating Center. This is the boat that was on display in the Beaufort Maritime Museum all last year. They valued the boat at $8,000 but I realize this needs to be rigged for the individual sailor. Its is a clean slate for you to start.
$1,250 or best CASH offer. Contact Justin at 919-618-4586 Its is in amazing shape!
 "Note: To qualify to race in the CMBA this boat and sail will need to be weighed and measured by a CMBA class measurer.   Also, the boat will require a CMBA sail number, purchased from the class Secretary/Treasurer for a nominal $15."